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Highlights from Campers

“Every single aspect of life at Camp is immersed in the grace, love, joy, and peace of God. Yes, you sense God’s presence at chapel and discovery times, but it’s also visibly at work at meal times, crafts, evening activities – all of it. The example members of the staff set for living in Faith, Joy, Love, Acceptance, and on set the tone for the rest of us and true community of faith living is the result. The impact of that is incalculable and far reaching.”


“[My child] came home and said, “Camp changed me – for the better.” That’s the first time that’s really been” verbalized. So, they had a great week!


“It feels lonely out in the “real world” when you’re a progressive Christian who is striving for social justice and who values science. When we get to camp, we are reminded that we are not alone and that there are like-minded Christians out there. We see God all week in all the people we come across.”


“My daughter dedicated her confirmation essay to her experiences at camp and wants to be a counselor because of the impact on her faith camp has provided.”

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