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Privacy Policy

We at HopeWood Outdoors/LOMO take your privacy seriously. We are committed to maintaining your trust in our services through a demonstrated respect for your personal information. The following Policy governs our general information use, collection and sharing practices. Should you ever have questions or issues related to HopeWood Outdoors’ information practices, please contact us at 614-890-2267.    

A. Notice

1. Who are we? HopeWood Outdoors is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Ohio for the three Synods in Ohio of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, ELCA. The three Synods are Northwestern Ohio, Northeastern Ohio and Southern Ohio. HopeWood Outdoors serves as the outdoor ministries organization for the Synods. We are a ministry sponsored by the ELCA to reach out to all people regardless of race, national origin, sex, disability or ancestry

2. Why do we require your personally identifiable information (PII)? HopeWood Outdoors collects uses and shares your personally identifiable information for organizational purposes of administering camp services for campers and/or their parents/legal guardians. We collect PII when you register to attend a camp through our website or brochures; we collect your pertinent medical information when enrolling in camps to ensure we have the necessary information to support your medical care during normal camp operations or during an emergency.  We may also use images of campers taken during each camp for the purposes of education and promoting the camp(s).  

3. What personally identifiable information does HopeWood Outdoors require, use and share? HopeWood Outdoors and its camp personnel require PII to run the camp’s day to day operations. These operations include, but are not explicitly limited to the following activities and associated information collection:

  • Camper registration and related administration services
    • Camper names, first and last
    • Parent/guardian names, first and last
    • Camper age/date of birth
    • Camper mailing and electronic mailing addresses
    • Camper and parent/guardian phone numbers
    • HopeWood Outdoors may collect the above information, along with other information, through the Camper Registration Form.
  • Camper medical registration and treatment
    • Camper/patient name, first and last
    • Medical history on medical forms
    • If applicable, HopeWood Outdoors may collect individual camper medical information necessary to administer routine and emergency medical care during the camper’s stay.
  • Communication and correspondence with campers
    • Camper testimonials
    • Camper names, first and last
    • Parent/guardian names, first and last
    • Camper/parent/guardian mailing and electronic mailing addresses
    • HopeWood Outdoors may use the above information to directly communicate with campers and/or their parents/legal guardians about camp activities and upcoming events.
    • If campers provide testimonials about their camp experience and consent to the publication of the testimonial, no identifiable information will be published with the testimonial unless the writer specifically consents to the use of his/her name.
  • Camp promotions and marketing
    • Camper photographic images without names
    • These images, which may be collected from photographs taken by camp staff during the camp, may be used for promotional materials such as web pages, brochures or other marketing materials.  If used, only the images themselves shall be used; no names shall be included unless the person is over the age of 18 and permission is given by the person pictured.    

B. Choice/Consent

At HopeWood Outdoors, you provide us your consent to the use and sharing of your PII in accordance with this Policy when you register a camper to attend a HopeWood Outdoors camp.  Please review this Policy and any registration materials to ensure your understanding.  Should you have any questions or wish to limit the use of your information, please direct any questions to HopeWood Outdoors per section G below. 

C. Access

To the extent possible, customers will have the timely right to review their PII to ensure such information is accurate.  Should you have questions about, or updates to your PII, please contact HopeWood Outdoors directly per section G below.  HopeWood Outdoors staff access to customer PII shall be limited to those with an operations-related requirement to use such information.   

D. Security

To protect your personal information from unauthorized access and use, we use commercially reasonable administrative, technical and physical security measures to include policies, training, computer safeguards, as well as access-controlled file rooms and buildings. 

E. Limited Use

HopeWood Outdoors shall only use PII for the purposes described in this policy or in any form or document through which it collects such information. 

F. Minimal Use

HopeWood Outdoors shall only use the PII necessary to accomplish any organizational purpose.  HopeWood Outdoors personnel shall use discretion in the use of camper PII at all times.  

G. Enforcement and Redress

This Policy is subject to change as our operations grow and change with your needs.  Therefore, we will provide you notice of such Policy changes and provide you the opportunity to consent to any additional uses of your PII.

Should you have any questions about this Policy or the use of your personal information, please contact HopeWood Outdoors at 614-890-2267.  We shall respond within a week and investigate any compliance issues resulting under this Policy.  

This Policy only applies to HopeWood Outdoors’ website and HopeWood Outdoors’ camp operations. HopeWood Outdoors is not responsible for the privacy policy and practices on other websites that may be linked to our website.