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HopeWood Outdoors Board Member Campfire Stories

“Just one favorite memory seems like a nearly impossible task! As a camper, I remember coming to LMC as a 7th grader having never done anything like it. I was a follower in many ways when I came to camp, and even though UN-Camp sounded pretty nice to me, I followed my best friend Stephanie to Homestead. During the week, I came into my own. I was not a stellar athlete, musician, or standout student at home. At camp, I became a leader, a disciple, and a problem-solver. Camp brought out the best in me. I believe camp is needed now more than ever in the lives of young people and adults. We need places where we can create belonging, share joy, have fun, explore our faith, and savor time in creation. Serving on the board helps me advocate for, support, and learn more about this important ministry.”

-Mary Ellen Helms, HopeWood Outdoors Board Member
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