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EcoEternity Forest

An EcoEternity Forest is an alternative burial concept where memorial trees are chosen as final resting places for the cremated ashes of individuals, families, or friends.

This end-of-life ministry is a way for HopeWood Outdoors to continue our mission of bringing  people together to experience Christ through natural settings and programs through all stages of a person’s life by providing a welcoming place within nature where people can come together to celebrate the life of a loved one.

What Is an EcoEternity Forest?

When you consider how you would like to be remembered, you want your legacy to be one of honor and living a fulfilled life. EcoEternity offers an alternative to a traditional burial. Your cremated ashes may be placed at the base of a mature tree.

EcoEternity Forests are undisturbed forest preservations that provide beautiful ecologically friendly and peaceful resting places for cremated ashes. Ashes are placed in biodegradable urns and buried at the roots of mature trees. Over time, the roots will absorb the nutrients and create a living memorial for friends and family to visit for generations. EcoEternity Forests truly allow life to begin again.

LakeSide EcoEternity Forest

LakeSide EcoEternity Forest is located on the grounds of HopeWood Shores in northeastern Ohio near Conneaut. The forest is named for the awe-inspiring views of Lake Erie that can be seen from the camp. HopeWood Shores sits on 66 acres, including mature forests of maple, oak, cherry, and hemlock.

Founded in 1941, Camp Luther at HopeWood Shores provides summer family camps and seasonal retreat programs for people of all ages. The memorial forest is located peacefully away from camp activities and remains undisturbed throughout the camping season.

Learn More About LakeSide EcoEternity Forest

If you are interested in learning more about LakeSide EcoEternity Forest, contact us to request an informational brochure or schedule a forest tour.

CreekSide EcoEternity Forest

Located in the heart of Ohio near Fulton, CreekSide EcoEternity Forest is part of HopeWood Pines. The forest is named for the beautiful and tranquil Alum Creek that runs through the camp. The forest encompasses over 400 acres, including mature forests of maple, beech, oak, and pine.

Lutheran Memorial Camp at HopeWood Pines provides year-round opportunities for youth, adults and families through summer camp programs, retreat programs, and environmental education. HopeWood Pines offers two year-round retreat lodges, 15 cabins, and dining hall and meeting facilities. The memorial forest is located peacefully away from camp activities and is equipped with an ADA-compliant trail.

Learn More About CreekSide EcoEternity Forest

If you are interested in learning more about CreekSide EcoEternity Forest, contact us to request an informational brochure or schedule a forest tour.

How Do You Benefit?


An EcoEternity Forest interment can provide an ecologically friendly way to honor the memory of a deceased loved one and a meaningful final disposition of ashes.

A Conscious Pre-Need Decision

The loss of a loved one is an emotional event. It is a high-pressure environment in which to make decisions, particularly financial ones. There is a tendency to overspend. Look into the comparative value of leasing a shared Memorial Tree.

A Living Memorial

Compared to scattering ashes, a tree is a living memorial. It can be visited, shared, and photographed. A specific location may be very important for those who want to share remembrances.

Land Conservation

A tree interment preserves natural habitats by not sealing the soil with concrete vaults or steel caskets. A natural interment preserves forests by protecting them from clear-cutting and development.

How to Select a Tree

Visit an EcoEternity Forest

Take a walk through one of our EcoEternity Forests with a staff member, who will accompany you to provide information and assistance. Most visits take 30-60 minutes and, if you need assistance, we provide a golf cart. We encourage you to bring your family, friends, and loved ones so you are comfortable in making your decisions. Please call HopeWood Outdoors prior to your visit to make an appointment.

Select a Tree

There are many trees to choose from and our staff will help you consider factors like tree accessibility and tree life span. Once you have selected a tree, we will provide you with a tree selection form to secure the tree. A copy of the form will be sent to our service center to complete the process. Once we have received the final arrangements, we will send a tree lease contract for you to sign and return with your approval.

Communicate Your Decision

Having family and loved ones around with you while choosing a location will help you communicate your plan. But also make sure to tell those who couldn’t attend that you have selected an ecological internment in an EcoEternity Forest.